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Demkaih Alkrim
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: Hulali's waters wash your sins clean, adame.
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Writer: Raksha

Fri May 24, 2019 10:36 pm

Demkaih Alkrim


Race: Wick
Birthday: Hamis, 4th, 2693
Age: 38
FC: Djimon Hounsou
Place of Origin: Thul Ka, Mugroba
Current Location: Thul Ka, Mugroba
Occupation: Spice Merchant/Entrepreneur
Player Name: Raksha

Physical Description


Demkaih is towering by Mugrobi standards, topping a Gioran worthy 6"4. He is visibly strong, his stature built by his own hard work and labor in the spice harvests, but he is not overly bulky. His skin is a rich dark umber, and he wears his hair entirely shaved away. He has the tattoo of his mothers clan on his head behind his left ear. He has pristine white teeth and incredibly blue eyes, like the sky on a perfect summer day.

He dresses more often than not in red silk Mugrobi outfit, tied at one shoulder and wrapped around the waist and thighs, leaving his other shoulder and arms bare. It is heavily beaded around the waist and legs area. His body is adorned with jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings. His ears are pierced with onyx lugs and his nose has a small silver stud in the right side. He walks with an air of confidence, very proud of his Mugrobi heritage, he is also a highly able swimmer. He is very skilled with the Mugrobi dual circular daggers which hang from a belt on his waist. He can also use staff weapons with precision.

When in Anaxas, he will usually change into a three piece suit and leave the daggers at home, understanding the finer intricacies of galdori politics and Anaxi culture. He is aware that it's easier to broker a trade deal when you look like your prospective partner.



Quiet, humble and very devout to Hulali, Demkaih can seem at first to be unapproachable and serious, but once you get to talking with him one would find he is quite friendly and likes to joke, although getting a laugh out of him requires quite a lot of alcohol. He is a private man, with a strong dedication to his work, his sister and his people. As the heir to his father's spice merchant business, Demkaih had a number of people in his employ, but that doesn't mean he sits in an ivory tower dictating to the common folk. He actively gets involved with the harvests and the preparation of his stock, so he knows exactly whats involved and how hard it is. There is no better way to trade then to intimately understand your business from the lowest of saffron collectors to the highest of estate owners. It takes a lot to anger him, but when it comes to that you may have already gone too far.

Skilled in the weaponized martial arts of his people, Demkaih can be a formidable foe should you face him in a physical bout. His magic is more complimentary than primary, with a focus on Living conversation to help his crops along.

He has a very close relationship with his younger sister, Orianna, whom he has taken sole responsibility for since he was twenty six after their father was murdered by Tashwa. He is fiercely protective and there is nothing he wouldn't do for her, but at the same time he knows he has to teach her to grow into the woman she needs to be. Of course, she is an adult now, but it doesn't matter. Regardless of their age, Ori will still be his little sister.

He views all the races around him as equal, thanks to the secret that he and his father alone know. He is not frightened of fighting for what he believes in and feels that death with honor is a fine thing, knowing he will be greeted on the Great Ocean by Hulali to join him on the waves.


Demkaih was born in Thul Ka, a product of a heated and passionate affair between his mother Esma Alkrim and his father Damodara Aubellard. The woman was a wick, a free spirited creature full of life and wonderous free spirit. They loved with all the strength of a Hamis storm over the Austan Ocean, though it was not a favored union. Damodara's parents had already arranged a lucrative marriage for him with Elisabetta Penbroneth, and his rebellious teenage love affair was set to ruin all their plans for an Anaxas expansion. Swearing he would wed Esma, Damodara made plans to steal away from Thul Ka with her and his infant son, only to be thwarted by a strange and vicious disease that swept through parts of the city. Demkaih was taken away to Redomseko Dailotoma with his grandparents to protect him from the disease, and whilst there his mother passed into Hulali's arms. The death was a blessing for the Aubellard's, and they immediately moved ahead with Damodara and Elisaetta's wedding. Elisaetta was a nasty young woman, unwilling to be a mother to a baby born of another woman. She tolerated him, but was never kind to him, assuming the boy a galdor just like his father. Damodara refused to loose his only connection to Esma, and so he kept Demkaih's last name as Alkrim, to honor his beloved. He and his parents swore to keep Esma's racial heritage a secret, and never told a soul, lest it destroy their move to step into Anaxas' trades.

The Aubellard family moved into a handful of buildings owned by the Penbroneths and turned them into spice shops and apothecaries. In return for being allowed to use the shops, they paid a certain amount of profits to the Penbroneths as yearly rent. This allowed the Aubellard family to expand into Anaxas without excessive upfront costs while giving the Penbroneths the money they needed to stay afloat. After eight undelightful years of marriage, after a drunken and regrettable night of what could not be classed as passion, Elisaetta and Damodara consummated their union with the birth of their daughter, Orianna. Demkaih might not have love for Elisaetta, but he adored Orianna and doted on her constantly. It was at this time that Damodara pulled Demkaih aside to admit to him the truth of his heritage, feeling as though the boy needed the truth of his bloodline. He spoke at length with the young boy, explaining the impacts this knowledge could have on his life, but wanting him to know his mother's real identity. It was Demkaih's choice to reveal if he wanted, the nature of his birth, but until then Damodara would tell no one.

The match was a poor one, to say the least. Elisabetta Penbroneth was used to being spoiled and had a sadistic streak, especially when dealing with any of the “lesser races”. Damodara Sardiva Elpha Aubelland was a kind-hearted person, knowing the lower races needed guidance and support. They worked their fields together, processed their spices together. As far as he was concerned, given the Mugrobi attitude, they were equal. This ended up being a major wedge in their relationship and Elisabetta chose to leave Mugroba and go back to her family’s estate in Anaxas when Orianna was three and Demkaih was eleven, as Damodara refused to isolate their daughter from the "lesser races" and raise her as a "proper" Galdori. Since Elisabetta never wanted children in the first place, Orianna was left behind in Mugroba to be cared for with Damodara and Demkaih.

After the removal of Elisabetta, Demkaih wanted nothing more than to enjoy the freedom of his life with his father and sister, however in a move to help his son grow as the heir to the family business Damodara had the boy tested and with a very average score he was forced to pack his belongings and make the harsh trek across the desert to Anaxas for attendance in Brunnhold. A wick in galdori clothing, Demkaih took advantage of the education his father was giving him, even if it was at risk of death if anyone found out the truth. The red brick school was nothing like the boy had ever seen, used to the white lime buildings of Thul Ka. He reveled in the sights, and although different from his friends, he grew to enjoy his time there save for the culturally devastating treatment of non-galdori. In his eight form, Orianna joined him at Brunnhold, much to the older boys delight. He helped his sister to over come the culture shock in Anaxas, gently guiding her on the strange and offensive intricacies of the country. Despite the age difference, Dem and Orianna were thick as thieves. They both took a shining to Living Conversation, the younger child focusing on fauna whilst Demkaih focused on flora. During their time there, Elisabetta returned to the fray, doing her very best to taint the younger of the two. Demkaih did his best to shield Orianna from the woman, though after he graduated it was a lot harder.

Returning to Mugrobi, the now twenty year old fell headfirst into his fathers business, learning all he could and fine tuning his understanding of business politics. Damodara pushed his son to get involved from the bottom to the top, and Demkaih was more often then not out in the fields sweating away with the workers. It was here that he met his best friend, Liykos pez Kaeth, a human teenager who worked the fields with him. The rougish boy started their friendship with a shocked remark at the man's unusual height, and with a penchant for mischief, Liykos lured Demkaih into acting his age once and a while, taking him for nights out and trying to find him a lovely girl to spend the nights with. The man was however, openly dedicated to his fathers work, and disappointed the other Mugrobi more often than not. Still, he didn't always loose out, and after one particularly rowdy night Demkaih somehow found himself committed to learning the art of weaponized combat with his human friend. At first, it seemed silly, but after a time the young man found the focused martial arts gave him a sense of pride and self-purpose. He was more than just a business owner, more than just a wick playing at being a galdori. He was physically capable, a trait that not many true galdori could claim.

Tragically Damodara's trade caravan was attacked by a group of Tashwa and everyone was killed, leaving Demkaih to continue with his fathers work at the age of twenty six. The attack caused an internal conflict in the young man. Wicks killed his father, yet he was a wick himself. His mother was a wick. He drew into himself for a time, unable to reconcile the anger in his chest. He threw himself into his martial arts and prayer to Hulali to cope. It helped to ease his heart and having a vision for the future, now being the patriarch of the family, one of Dem’s first orders of business was to reduce the flow of money to Elisabetta down to a trickle. Elisabetta was livid when she discovered that she would no longer have access to the wealth that the Aubellard family had. Her ridiculously lavish lifestyle suddenly became a comfortably rich lifestyle. What infuriated her even more was that Demkaih decided it was his duty to ensure that his sister wasn’t struggling financially. Elisabetta claimed her family was too poor to help Orianna, which was the icing on the cake for the older sibling. He took full control of Orianna's finances and well being, refusing to engage in contact with the vile woman again.

When Orianna proposed leaving school to go help Demkaih out with the business, the man refused, insisting that she finish her studies, telling her she needed to explore her talent and assuring her that he could keep the business running. Indeed, Demkaih had learned not only from his father, but from his Brunnhold education and as such was a successful businessman. The family business kept growing slowly but surely, and by the time Orianna graduated from Brunnhold, Demkaih had opened the company’s first storefront in Hox.

Frustratingly, his little sister declined returning to Mugroba when she graduated, insisting she wanted to stay in Anaxas to make a difference for the humans and passives there. Whilst the older man knew the futility of this task, he still purchased a building in the Stacks for Orianna to occupy and run her own apothecary . He agreed to purchase startup supplies in the form of a loan to her, though there had never been a strong agreement on when she should pay that back.

Whilst Demkaih had found a way to overcome his anger at their father's death, he noticed quietly that Orianna had a different view. She refused to engage with wicks, regardless of where they came from. It saddened the man, and he turned to his faith again for answers. Like his father before him, Demkaih was passionately devout to Hulali, and believed that the Fish-Headed God controlled all aspects of their lives. If his mother had not died, he would not have his sister. If he didn't have his sister, he might not have fought so hard to continue the family business. All things happened for a reason, as Hulali intended.

The next six years passed quickly, Demkaih expanding the company while Orianna ran her apothecary shop. He spent most of his time in Mugroba, working side by side with his people or expanding his ventures. They moved now not only in spices, but herbs and even dyes. Making Liykos his second in command, when Demkaih travels from Mugroba to Hox or Anaxas, he leaves the human to run the business in Mugroba.

Returning to Mugroba after a lucrative discussion with the Da Huane official in Giorite, Demkaih is resettling into home and working on entering the fascinating world of silk creation and export.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


Armed Combat: Proficient


Estuan: Fluent
Mugrobi: Fluent
Monite: Fluent


Living: Beginner


Merchant: Proficient

Career and Income


Merchant/Business man in spice, herbs and recently silks. Has trade routes and storefronts across Anaxas, Mugrobi and Hox. Looking to expand into Gior.

Income: Wealthy

Demkaih has inherited the wealth of his father and amplified it with his own business management.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Plantation Owner

Demkaih lives on the original spice plantation in his fathers home. It is a two story residence made of white limestone and decorated with fine tapestries and decor in reds and golds. He shares the house with no one, his staff having their own quarters in the worker housing. He also has a modest second home in the Stacks for when he visits his sister.


A vast range of expensive silk clothing, both in Mugrobi and Anaxi styles. A couple of Hoxian garments and recently a Gioran outfit. He has access to carriages, moa's and a small riverboat for ease of travel. He runs a fleet of ships between Mugroba and Old Rose that carry his spices, and caravans across Mugroba and Hox. He is looking to break into the sky with an airship for faster trade routes, should he manage to broker a deal with Giorite. The man enjoys decor that can be utilized, so he has a lot of weapons, books and other useful items either decorating his walls or shelves in his homes.


Returning to Mugroba after a lucrative discussion with the Da Huane official in Giorite, Demkaih is resettling into home and working on entering the fascinating world of silk creation and export. He is also lonely, though he wouldn't dare admit it.
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