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Madeleine Gosselin
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Madeleine Gosselin


Race: Galdor
Birthday: Roalis, 67th 2703
Age: 16
FC: Georgie Henley
Place of Origin: Vienda, Anaxas
Current Location: Brunnhold
Occupation: 6th form student
Player Name: moralhazard

Physical Description


Madeleine is small and slight, below average for an Anaxi galdori at 5’1”. She has the lithe frame of a ballet dancer, small and delicate. She usually curls in on herself, preferring to sit with her feet beneath her or tucked up against her body, which only makes her look smaller than she is. Despite that, dancing has left her with a comfortable sense of where she is in space and some physical grace in her movements.

Madeleine’s hair is brown with reddish tones, and thick and curly, falling to the middle of her shoulder blades when loose. She hasn’t quite figured out what to do with it; she likes it off her face for studying, and has with stubborn determination managed to master a french-style braid and a tight bun. Loose, it has a tendency to jump about in even the smallest gust of wind.

Madeleine has blue eyes, high cheekbones, a large forehead, and a small pointed chin; it’s only over the last year that her features have started to transform from awkwardly childish to adult, and she hasn’t quite caught up yet. She doesn’t know anything about make up, and has little sense of what clothing or decoration would favor her, preferring to dress in her school uniform without thinking about it.

Madeleine has never suffered serious injury or illness; she didn’t tend to explore much outside as a child, and so she has almost no scars or other distinguishing features.



Madeleine is serious and intense. Her studies at Brunnhold are the total focus of her world, and she has very little concept of anything going on outside of her own life. Dancing is her only hobby, and a major form of relaxation for her. She tends to miss jokes, and has a hard time with social cues; she’s the sort to lie awake at night replaying conversations from the day before and wishing she’d said or done something different.

Madeleine struggles a lot with feeling ignored. Her parents are proud and ambitious, and expected nothing but the best from their children. Her older brother and sister are twins and very close to one another, and her younger brother was brilliant and demanding; Madeleine, alone in the middle, often felt like an afterthought. She responded by retreating into books and dance, preferring to be alone than risk her siblings’ teasing or her parents’ polite non-interest.

Now, still in her early teenage years, Madeleine is starting to feel lonely and left out among her peers. She is comfortable enough speaking in lessons and in the context of group projects, but hasn’t really figured out how to make non-class friends. She tends to be a bit cautious; she believes that rules are there for a reason, and would naturally tend to follow even those she doesn’t understand.

Madeleine has no sense of what it is like to be anything but a galdori, and no awareness of the struggles of other races. She feels, without any need for reflection, innately superior to wicks, humans and passives. She finds wicks odd and a bit curious, is comfortably superior to humans with a touch of pity, and thinks a passive would be a shame and disappointment to their families, and deserving of scorn. The only kind of struggle she can respect or understand is the one that a galdor undertakes to master magic or the intricacies of complex work; she thinks of the work that humans do as easy by comparison.


Madeleine was born the third out of four siblings in the Gosselin family. The family is large and wealthy, with their family seat in Vienda. Madeleine’s parents are both intense and ambitious; her mother is a treasurer, and her father is a politician. They met in school, and the match was as much political as personal, with their families judging that the two would do well by each other. Her mother grudgingly took time from progressing in her career to have her four children; the two eldest were twins, a boy and a girl, with Madeleine following three years later and her younger brother two more after that.

Her parents never had more than a little time for their children; in Madeleine’s earlier years that went to the twins, and by the time they left for school, her parents had discovered that her younger brother was, by all indications, very much a prodigy. The twins were thoroughly occupied by each other, and if they paid attention to Madeleine, it was to tease her for being smaller and slower. Once it was only the two of them, her younger brother effortlessly won every contest for their parents’ attention. While Madeleine longs for the twins to respect her and see her as an adult, she is fiercely jealous of her younger brother, and feels guilty for it. As a young girl, Madeleine was very close to her grandmother, but she passed away when Madeleine was eight.

Madeleine’s parents paid for all the requisite instructors and tutors required for their children, and, obediently, Madeleine sampled nearly each and every pastime. One of her siblings was better than her at almost all of them; the only exception was dance, which Madeleine not only enjoyed, but which didn’t interest anyone else. Her parents were happy to pay for instruction, although they never really showed much interest in the results. But Madeleine’s dance instructors always praised her, and she found that her dance lessons quickly became her favorite time of the day.

All four siblings currently attend the academy. Whether it’s true or not, Madeleine still feels herself very much in the shadow of the twins, and worries about being compared unfavorably to her younger brother. These fears lead her to focus heavily on academics, with whatever spare time she has spent dancing, which doesn’t leave much space for a social life.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills




Estuan: Fluent
Monite: Fluent


Static: Beginner
Physical: Beginner


Student: Beginner
Dance: Beginner

Career and Income


Madeleine is a student at Brunnhold.

Income: Wealth Level

Madeleine's family, the Gosselins, are comfortably well-off. As a student, Madeleine's basic needs are taken care of by the school, and her parents are generally willing to pay for anything else she might request.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: On Campus

Madeleine lives in a student dormitory on the grounds of Brunnhold.


Madeleine has several sets of school uniforms, clothing for dance practice, a normal assortment of toiletries, and school books. Her most important personal possession is a handmade blanket which was given to her by her grandmother, which she keeps on her bed.


word count: 1231


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