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Her destiny is... something. Murder, probably?

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Caina Rose
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Caina Rose


Race: Human
Birthday: Bethas, 2 2700
Age: 19
FC: Julia Goldani Telles
Place of Origin: Old Rose Harbour, Anaxas
Current Location: Vienda, Anaxas
Occupation: Assassin, Resistance
Codename: Hatcher
Player Name: deepseasebastian

Physical Description

Aside from hair as black as the feathers of a terri bird, Caina has no noticeable features, no heavy scarring or birthmarks. She has pale skin, and stands at a solid 5’4, short enough that some might mistake her for a galdori. She has a slender build, and could easily be confused for a dirty peasant girl, if someone wasn’t paying close enough attention. Caina is excellent with disguises, and given enough time, could make herself look like a member of the Seventen, although she’d likely be noticed sooner rather than later. Compatriots can recognize her by her grey-blue eyes, and a signet ring hung on a leather cord around her neck, as well as her general lack of shoes.
As someone in the employ of the Resistance, Caina is very aware of herself, and the world around her. Every move and step that she takes has been well-thought out, even if it seems casual.


Although she rarely shows it, Caina is angry. Her family was destroyed by a high ranking Seventen officer, and she’s spent over a decade trying to fight back. She is excellent at concealing what she’s really thinking, using her body language to lie as she would with her mouth. It is a talent gleaned from growing up in the perilous streets of the Harbour. Some might call her a hypocrite; Caina will tell you that all races are equal, but would delight in seeing all galdor stripped of their magical abilities and power forever. She is also wary of wicks- any magical ability instantly makes her distrustful.

Caina was in Vienda during the ‘regime change’ of the Resistance. She agrees with the methods that Jon Serro uses to hurt the galdor, but has never employed them herself, or seen the effects of such torture. Caina will do anything to achieve her goals.

• Caina is a casual follower of Vitanism- she agrees with its teachings, but has never actively pursued the religion and does not wear any religious memorabilia, however she does remain barefoot if she can manage it, preferring to be closer to Vita.
• Caina also loves to read, keeping the activity as a memento of her father, and daily rebellion against the Galdori. She prefers books of a historical nature, but has a few fiction stories that she keeps around out of sentimentality. She is a frequent visitor of the Vienda Public Library.
• She’s not one to drink, but has no problem with alcohol if the situation calls for it.


Born on the 2nd of Bethas 2700, Caina spent almost all of her youth in Old Rose Harbour. When her father’s father moved into the city, he took the name Rose so that his family would always know where they came from. Any other familial origin is a mystery, either because Caina has forgotten, or her father never got the chance to tell her.

She grew up speaking the common tongue, but learned sign language when she was 17, a skill that became useful later in her life. Aside from playing under the docks with the other poorly supervised children of the Harbour, Caina would hide under her father Sebastian’s desk and read books that he slipped her, or spy on conversations held by his superiors. Sebastian, Caina’s father, worked as a customs clerk on the docks, and he sold information on shipments coming in and out of the harbor to anyone who was interested. Pirates, mostly, but her father had contacts with the Resistance.

When she was 10 years old, only a few days after Caina’s birthday, her mother Lairia sold her family out for a few concords, and the high-ranking Seventen officer took the girl and her father, using them to conduct mind control experiments.

They were enslaved for several months, but in a bloodied and frenzied attack, Caina managed to escape. By the time she managed to convince someone to help them, that she was telling the truth, Caina returned to find her father bleeding out on the floor and the galdor had vanished. Disturbed by her father’s death, tortured by the experiments and half-mad with grief and rage, Caina accidentally killed her mother, and was left an orphan. She now spent her days on the ships and the docks, working and learning self-defense and other skills from the pirates that visited the shores of the city. She made friends with Tom Cooke, a notorious Bad Brother, and considers him to be family.

Her father’s contacts in the Resistance found her eventually. After the Rose family disappeared, they’d been searching for their lost comrade. They were quick to recruit Caina, especially after they managed to get the full story out of her. They didn’t hesitate to manipulate the young girl to their whim, and turned her grief into rage, raising her in their image.

Unaware of their subtle manipulations, Caina threw herself into the work. She worked as a courier until her skills had improved enough for her to be of any use, and when she was ready, she used the little money left to her by her father to leave Old Rose Harbour for good, with only her father’s signet ring, a short blade that had been given to her, and the memory of the galdor who ruined her life. Caina doesn’t regret her choices, but that doesn’t mean she sleeps well at night.

In Roalis 2716, Caina went to Vienda, where she’s remained to this day. It’s easy to get lost in such a big city, but that’s part of the allure. Once in Vienda, she sharpened her skills and was, only recently, named an assassin of the Resistance. She was given the codename Hatcher, after the mythical beasts that roam western Anaxas.

Here in Vienda, there’s nothing to stop her, and she won’t rest until she’s completed the two goals that have haunted her entire adult life. But there are people from her past that shouldn't be.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


Combat: Unarmed (Beginner)


Estuan (Fluent)
Sign Language (Fluent)


Professional: Assassin (Proficient)
Professional: Subterfuge (Proficient)
Professional: Larceny (Beginner)

Career and Income


As an assassin, Caina's skills boil down to being able to hide in the shadows, blending into crowds, and disguising herself. Because of her size, Caina rarely ever engages in straightforward fighting, and will not hesitate to use dirty tricks to win the advantage. She also needs to be able to pick locks, and occasionally pickpocket from unsuspecting marks.

Income: Wealth Level

Poor. Caina spent all her family's meager savings to move to Vienda, and hasn't been able to earn it back again.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Caina lives in a room on the second floor of The Clockwork Stag, though she’s rarely there.


Her father’s ring
A set of common clothes, and a set of dark black ones
A toiletry kit, with one too many razor blades
A six-inch blade with a worn wooden handle, that straps to her ankle
A small satchel designed to be worn at the shoulder or hidden under a lady’s skirts
4 books


Caina has two goals: Rid this plane of her father’s killer, and remove galdori from the seat of power in all Six Kingdoms.

[OOC: My goal is to write longer paragraphs and pages, pushing what I'm comfortable with as a writer.]
word count: 1365


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