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Fri Jun 14, 2019 1:33 pm

Painted Ladies - Vienda Image 10/03/2719 ~ Late afternoon Image Image

The woman’s everlasting smile faltered for a single moment when she heard Nymeria’s growl and made Nymeria’s lips knit closely together. The flickering smile had almost been a warning, a plead not to say anything more. Therefore, she didn’t. She stood still and watched her work her way through the wool with her hands.


His loud voice was most certainly not a request but an order, and Nymeria stood without turning towards him. She knew what kind of emotions were painted on her face right now, and after, what she had thought to be, that warning, she didn’t want to risk anything. It had reminded her that her temper would not only cause problems for her. It would cost the woman greatly too.

The woman darted to him with an apologetic smile on her face directed in Nymeria’s direction. She followed her with her eyes, until they finally landed at the galdor once again. This time in a cold, but expressionless manner. She looked at him, noticed how he’s never look at the shopkeeper’s kind face. The way he seemed to always be eating something sour. She wanted him to choke.

The shopkeeper kept up her polite act, probably keeping herself more in check than Nymeria ever had. Now she knew. She knew that this was the woman’s way of surviving. And she couldn’t blame her. What hadn’t she, herself, done to stay alive? But then the galdor barked out a comment about the store being dirty, almost as if it wasn’t him dragging dirt around. The anger at the galdor made her heart pump, and she grabbed hold of the counter to keep herself steady. Just as she turned her face away, turned to look at wool, she heard the shopkeeper apologise. Her breath getting stuck in her throat, her teeth in her lip. But she said nothing. She was here for wool, not getting neither herself nor others murdered or imprisoned.

The shopkeeper made her way over to the counter, just as the galdors voice once again cracked the silence in the shop. “You call this vermillion silk?”. She grabbed ther counter with the other hand. "I could find better on Hollow Street. The color is the worst I've seen.". The woman apologised, again, and Nymeria almost snapped for her breath. She knew she had a problem with her temper, but this woman was otherworldly. Not once had she let the ethereal act slip. Not once had she batted an eyelash. Was she brave? Was she clever? Was she scared?

Nymeria turned to look at her, never letting her vision revisit the galdor. She knew her temper would get the best of her if she’d let it. She heard the sound first, and then she saw the slight jerk of the woman. The first noticeable slip of her pretence. She didn’t have to look at him when he discarded the bolt of fabric on the floor. She didn’t even have to guess. Her fingertips turned white with the pressure from her anger, and her body were shaking ever so slightly. Not enough for the galdor to notice, but enough that you would be able to feel it if you grabbed her.

word count: 579

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Ava Weaver
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Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:34 pm

Late Afternoon, 10 Loshis, 2719
Woven Delights, Painted Ladies
"Ofcourse, sir,” Ava bowed her head politely, gaze lowering to the bolt of silk on the muddy floor. She crossed the room, slowly, and knelt down at the man’s feet, picking up the fabric. He didn’t move an inch, standing over her, forcing Ava to go carefully around him to avoid touching him. The heat in the air was stronger the closer she got to him, but Ava didn’t let any fear or worry show on her face.

Once she had picked up the now dirtied silk, Ava rose and carried it carefully back to the counter, setting it down. She looked down at the young woman’s hands as she did so; they were gripping the counter so hard they were strained white and shaking.

“My apologies for the inconvenience,” Ava said, turning back to the galdor, soft smile still firmly in place. “I am afraid the satin is in the back room. It will take me a few moments to find it, if I might ask you to wait?”

The galdor shook his head, making a tsk noise with his tongue, and turned back to the walls. “Fine,” he said, as if granting an enormous concession, not even looking at the two young human women any longer.

“Thank you, sir,” Ava reached out and grasped the young woman’s wrist, quite firmly. Her tone never wavered, as rich a smile in it as ever, but her eyes were hard and flat now, and she gestured with her head towards the back room. When she spoke, her words was as light and friendly as before. “Dear, would you come help me look? The store room is such a mess, I would appreciate it ever so much.”

Ava wouldn’t take no for an answer, and she didn’t let go of the young woman’s wrist either. She wasn’t terribly strong – in fact, she wasn’t strong at all – but she had a good hold on the young woman, and she would have to be quite forceful to get out of the grasp. If she let her, Ava would take the young woman with her into the back room of the shop, through a small door just behind the counter.

The back room was beautifully decorated, with soft fabrics hung from the wall, comfortable couches adorned with pillows. Ava let the young woman go once the door had closed behind them.

“You may stay here until you can control yourself,” Ava said, gently, voice soft enough not to be audible in the main shop. She didn’t look at the young woman, holding her own opposite arms across her front. For a moment her hands squeezed the sheer sleeves, pressing the soft green fabric against her arms. Then Ava let go, and turned back to the young woman, and smiled again. “There’s tea, if you like,” she gestured to a kettle sitting on a tray across the room with two small porcelain cups. “It’s cold, and perhaps oversteeped, but if you can stand it you’re welcome to it.”

Ava took a deep breath, waiting another moment at the door, then stepped back through.

“I’m very sorry, sir,” The young woman would be able to hear Ava’s voice through the door, which hadn't quite closed entirely. “It was my mistake – I only just remembered that I did put the vermillion satin out,” Ava crossed in front of the desk, and took the bolt from the shelf, offering it to the man with a smile. “If you do like it, I would be glad to offer you a discounted rate, for the inconvenience.” Ava knew what she had to do, and she did it without qualm or hesitation, hands folded in front of her.

The galdor made a breathing sort of ‘hmph’ noise and took the fabric from Ava. Again, he crossed the shop to the window, tugging at the fabric and peering at it in the light. He shook his head slowly. “It’s subpar,” he pronounced, looking down at the cloth, then up at Ava. “But, I suppose it might suffice. What was the price?”

Ava named it, then added a discount.

The galdor acted as if she had threatened to rob him; in the end, however, he left with a length of satin, and Ava had more coins than she had before, and less of a loss than she had feared. She watched him go, the bell tinkling his good-bye, still smiling behind the counter. The expression lasted until the door closed, then slowly faded. Ava leaned forward over the counter, elbows resting on it, and buried her face in her hands for a moment, taking a deep breath.

That was all she needed. Carefully, Ava put the coins away, closing the drawer, and turned and went back to the back room, looking at the young woman she’d left there.

word count: 857
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