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Niusha pezre Tsel Rhokesh
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Niusha pezre Tsel Rhokesh

Race: Parse (Passive Wick)
Birthday: Intas 6, 2695
Age: 24
Place of Origin: Dromboth, Hox
Current Location: Thul'ka, Mugroba
Occupation: Sellsword/Bodyguard
Player Name: Graf

Physical Description

Standing at roughly 5’11”, Niusha is tall and broad-shouldered, with a solid, thickset build. Her lifestyle has given her a fair amount of muscle tone and the cautious – but still confident – gait of someone who’s ready to defend herself; she’s covered in callouses and the thin, pale lines of scars, old and recent. Her skin is a deep tan with gold undertones, sparsely freckled. Her dress is practical, if a little warm for her current locale: she often wears a long, dark green kaftan, embroidered in black and belted at the waist. She’s never without her knife, a wide, recurved blade with an ivory hilt resembling a pesh-kabz.

Her face is long and angular, with a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and a heavy brow. It’s framed by thick, curly black hair, either worn loose or pulled back into a bun or a ponytail (when on the job). Her eyes are dark brown.

She smiles often, and laughs more. Her voice is soft and high, with a genuine-sounding, unrestrained laugh that often devolves into breathless squeaking. Otherwise, she cannot speak. Instead, she communicates through sign language with the aid of deft, long-fingered hands, or otherwise through gestures (and sometimes writing).
Niusha has never experienced her diablerie; she doesn't even know if she has one, given that she has never spoken, and doesn't know whether her passivity is genetic or functional. She is, however, a true parse, and her diablerie warps depth perception within a radius of roughly twenty feet -- anyone within that range (including Niusha) will feel suddenly unsure of distances between objects and struggle to orient themselves physically. It may also cause motion sickness.


Niusha feels out of place. For most of her life, she’s traveled throughout the steppe, following her Falling Stone tribe; she’s accustomed to open grasslands and the ability to live off the land, and often feels anxious and closed-in in the city. Crowds make her nervous. Never having stayed in one place or among one people for too long, she struggles sometimes to communicate; she understands Estuan well enough, but she’s most comfortable communicating in sign language.

By no means, however, is she staid or closed-off: she’s almost unsettlingly jovial, always smiling and laughing, quick to make a joke and fond of clever turns of phrase. There’s little in life that Niusha doesn’t see the humor in, and it’s hard – nearly impossible – to make her angry. This is why people often find themselves surprised when they’re at the end of her knife: it’s rarely personal, but she’s not particularly sentimental, and she’ll do what she has to without thinking twice about it.

On that note, Niusha is deeply analytical, preferring long-term planning to spur-of-the-moment decisions. She prefers to think through situations carefully rather than to act on her feelings; though she doesn’t have much of a sense of rhakor, her mother taught her the importance of saatri and the relativity of all things. She doesn’t have a strong personal sense of right and wrong, preferring instead to act in ways that produce – and have produced in the past – practical, visible positive outcomes. For that reason, she’s not particularly prideful or self-conscious; she has a fairly good sense of what she’s good at and where she’s lacking, and doesn’t much care what other people think of her.

She doesn’t give a lot of thought to the way society works. For the most part, people look the same to her; she can’t imagine that a human’s last breath sounds very different from a wick’s or a galdor’s. She hasn’t met many galdori, and while she finds the behavior of the wealthy silly and distasteful, she’s not very keen on social upheaval. She doesn’t have many feelings about suffering and oppression in the abstract, and she understands that life is simply hard for most of the population. She hopes to be lucky, live a long life, make friends with heavy wallets, and eat well.

She has a love of (and penchant for) cooking. One of her reasons for wanting to travel is the desire to explore cuisine (and drink) from all over the Kingdoms.


Bahadur pez Hadi was a nomadic Falling Stone wick and oral poet; during his life, he traveled along the rivers throughout northern Mugroba and southern Hox, performing (alongside the rest of his tribe) for human settlements in cities like Pesxe and smaller, more agrarian communities. He met Niusha’s mother, a human woman named Tsel Rhokesh, during a brief stay in Dromboth. Tsel left Dromboth to travel with the Falling Stone wicks, and in the Intas of the next year, Niusha pezre Tsel Rhokesh was born.

At three or four years old, Bahadur still clung onto the hope that his child was a late-bloomer when it came to speech – Niusha was his first (and would be his only) child, and he wanted an heir to whom he could pass on his stories and songs. Bahadur’s brother, however, Shir pez Hadi, began teaching her to sign. A skilled hunter himself, he taught her to ride horseback and use a composite bow, and she proved an uncanny shot. Despite his disappointment, Bahadur was proud of his daughter, and Niusha remained close to him, always enamored of his poetry and performances; still, she was always closest to her uncle, who shared her love of archery and of roaming the wide, windy grasslands.

She had a few short-lived romances with both women and men, among the Falling Stone and in the settlements they passed through, but never felt particularly close to anyone in her tribe outside of blood relations. She dreamt of Pesxe and of cities further to the southwest – she was becoming restless. A few months after she turned eighteen, her father passed suddenly in his sleep. He left two students, Shahrokh and Leyla, without having formally passed his mantle on to either of them; both of them asserted the (exclusive) right to carry on in his stead, and it caused a schism in the community.

The majority of the group went with Leyla, who traveled further north, into the taiga and deeper into Hox. Another, smaller group followed Shahrokh into Mugroba, and Niusha followed Shahrokh. They traveled south along the coast, eventually reaching Pa Olakano, where Niusha’s mother decided to stay.

Niusha traveled southeastern Mugroba with Shahrokh for a few years. She fell in love with him, but never told him; eventually, they met with another group of nomadic Falling Stone during a long stay in Redomseko Dailotoma. Shahrokh took up with a gifted harpist and stated his intention to marry her.

Nearly twenty-three and itching to see the city anyway, Niusha took her leave of the Falling Stone and made for Thul’ka. At first, she found the city disorienting and strange, loud and dirty and packed compared to life on the road; she entertained the thought of rejoining the Falling Stone, but they had already struck out from Redomseko, and the nomadic life – after twenty-two years – held little intrigue for her.

Stuck in Thul’ka and unsure of what to do, she began to offer her services as a mercenary, and found herself – to her own surprise – keeping her head above the water. She was good with money, she realized, frugal and careful, and though competition with the local mercenary companies was fierce, she found some small-time work with lesser merchant families. Enough to rent a place in the Gripe.

Currently, she’s honing her skills and saving money for passage to Old Rose Harbor; she’s heard there’s work to be had in Anaxas, and she’s become interested in the Vein.

Aptitude Skills


Focus Skills


🙪 Archery (Proficient)
🙪 Knife Fighting (Proficient)
🙪 First Aid (Beginner)


🙪 Sign (Fluent)
🙪 Estuan (Conversational)




🙪 Mercenary (Beginner)

Career and Income


Niusha is, for lack of a better phrase, a sellsword. If you need someone to guard your shop or escort you through dangerous territory, she's your woman. If you want someone in particular dead, she'll do her best. She's not too discriminatory as far as jobs go, and she's still learning how to live in the city.

Income: Average

Work tends to be unpredictable, feast or famine. Niusha knows full well how to live off the land, but now that she's traded in her kint to find jobs in the city, things are less stable. Still, there's plenty of demand for a hired blade in cities like Thul'ka and Old Rose.

Housing and Inventory

Housing: Type

Niusha currently rents a tiny apartment in the Gripe, with barely enough room for a (folding) bed, a table, a chair, and a stove. It's right above a watering hole frequented by local papermill workers.


  • A set of homespun, practical clothing.
  • A long, dark green kaftan.
  • A sheepskin coat.
  • A composite, recurve bow that belonged to her father.
  • Her knife, a recurved blade resembling a pesh-kabz with an ivory hilt. It belonged to her maternal grandfather.


  • To get out of Thul'ka.
  • To keep a roof over her head and food in her belly.
  • To get in on the Vein.
(OOC: To find her work with some mysterious employers... e.g., to get in on the Drain.)
word count: 1699


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